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The Attack on Plaque

Dental plaque is the thin sticky coating of bacteria that is continually forming on our teeth. This biofilm develops after eating and drinking foods that leave sugars and starches on our teeth like sodas and cake. The microorganisms that are present in our mouth multiply in this environment producing acids. These can destroy the enamel

Dental Health: World Health Day

World Health Day, which is April 7th, is annually recognized to bring attention to our health globally. This was first celebrated in 1948 and became officially acknowledged on April 7, 1950. The World Health Organization and other organizations associated with them sponsor this day with the intention to spread information on important health-related topics. Doing

5 Other Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Previously, we wrote a blog post listing 5 bad foods for your teeth that you should avoid in order to keep your smile at its best. While those were important to note, there are also some other foods that also contribute to damaging your teeth. It is imperative to be aware of all of the

Good Oral Health Practices

If you are looking to maintain a great smile over a lifetime, there are oral health practices that must be done regularly. Our oral health relies on using a dental routine that promotes strong teeth and a healthy mouth. Follow these simple habits to help prevent any conditions and keep your gums and teeth protected. 

5 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Eating is something we all enjoy, especially when it comes to our favorite snacks and sweets. Most times people think to avoid them because of their lack of nutritional value, but they actually do more harm besides that. These foods that bring us delight can have damaging effects on our oral health. It may be
It has become a common practice these days to remove your wisdom teeth as a teen or young adult. Wisdom teeth are the third molars located in the very back of the mouth. They usually start to grow between the ages of 17 to 25. Once they begin to grow, if they have completely erupted
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