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Dr. Justin Bral, DDS

Dr. Justin Bral has always been passionate about puzzles ever since he was a youngster growing up in Long Island. After earning his bachelors in Mathematics, Dr. Bral took his passions to the next level and enrolled in the New York University College of Dentistry. During his tenure at NYU, Dr. Bral took on several leadership roles – most noteworthy, becoming the President of the Endodontics Society. This role reflects Dr. Bral’s interest in understanding the source and treatment of various dental pain. After achieving his DDS, Dr. Bral became a General Dentist at Coney Island Hospital where he not only delved deeper into the practice of root canals and pain management on a daily basis, but also sharpened his skills in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Dr. Bral has since been practicing as a family dentist using his knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality dentistry.


$149 for an exam, x-ray, and cleaning

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