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Dr. David Badalov, DDS

Dr. David Badalov is a third generation dentist. His grandmother provided the inspiration that propelled his decision to pursue a career in the dental field. As a dentist herself in Mother Russia, she was considered a pioneer and a progressive who worked in a profession seldom pursued by women. Dr. Badalov attended Queens College, where he graduated with a bachelors in Biology. He did not stop there, pursing a doctorate in dental surgery at New York University was his next goal. Dentistry is a profession that serves as a combination of improving a patient’s oral health while shaping their cosmetic appearance, ultimately contributing to one’s mental stability in a society predicated by external appearance. Dentistry fulfills his need to work with his hands and quenches his urge to interact with people on a daily basis. Dr. Badalov’s passionate personality and meticulous nature has helped shaped him into the dentist he is today.


$149 for an exam, x-ray, and cleaning

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