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dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist Importance

One of the most important roles at the dentist’s office is the dental hygienist. This individual is responsible for performing many of the key tasks in supporting patients. Some of these responsibilities include deep cleanings, help in the prevention and spotting of cavities, and preparing patients for procedures with the dentist. The main priority of

Tooth Bonding Guide

Teeth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that is a great solution to multiple situations depending on your oral needs. This procedure involves the use of a resin material similar to the shade of the tooth bonded to a tooth to repair it. In applying this material, a light is used to bond it to

Benefits of Smiling

In celebration of National Smile Month, it is important to discuss the advantages of smiling on your health. A major reason that we go to the dentist is to make sure our smiles look their best. Outside of simply looking good, there are significant health benefits of smiling. The more that you show off your

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are one of the most common procedures that takes place in the dental office. When you visit the dentist for a check up, they may find some decay and recommend getting a filling. A filling is a treatment for a tooth that has damage from decay to prevent it from getting worse as
Drinking water is an essential for our health. The human body is made up of 60% of water, which helps us in staying hydrated. This allows for our cells to absorb and distribute nutrients better. Water also helps to rid our bodies of toxins, gives our skin a nice glow, and keeps our muscles moving

Mouthwash and its Uses

Oral rinse, more commonly known as mouthwash is used to rinse your mouth, teeth, and gums. It aids in killing bacteria that lives on your tongue and in between the teeth because of its antiseptic properties. Other uses for mouthwash is to prevent tooth decay and combat bad breath. Oral rinse is only effective with
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