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dentist during COVID-19

Dental Visits During COVID-19

There has been much concern surrounding visiting the dental office during COVID-19. Patients want to feel secure in the office, knowing that the necessary precautions are present. At Dental Made Easy, we are doing everything to make sure that all of our patients are safe and comfortable.  The American Dental Association (ADA) has stated that
oral piercings

All About Oral Piercings

Throughout history, body art has been a way in which people express themselves for many reasons. Oral piercings are a form of body art in which holes are made in the oral cavity (tongue, cheek, lip, or any other part of the mouth) for cosmetic purposes. These piercings can come in different forms like studs,
man with pain

Tooth Abscess and Its Treatment

Sometimes pain can be present in the mouth and you may be unsure where this is coming from. One of the potential causes of this discomfort can be an abscess. A tooth abscess is a sac of pus that forms as a result of an infection. Bacteria enters the tooth and gums, leading to inflammation.
If you are missing any of your teeth, there are multiple options for you to choose from to replace them. Two popular choices are dentures and dental implants. Depending on your specific situation, one may be more suitable for you. There are various factors that have to be considered when deciding between the two like
teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning: What Happens?

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of oral hygiene. This is a process performed by a dental hygienist or other dental professional. It takes about 30-60 minutes and involves several steps that aim to clean the teeth and gums. Many people have a fear of visiting the dentist office for cleanings but this can be
cosmetic dentistry patient
Cosmetic dentistry over the years has increasingly grown in popularity. From veneers to whitening treatments, cosmetic dentistry offers various ways to give yourself the smile you desire. Besides general dentistry procedures, there are experienced dental professionals at Dental Made Easy that can assist you in the process of the look you are going for. This
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