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tmd and tmj

TMD & TMJ Awareness Month

November is TMJ Awareness Month and we here at Dental Made Easy want to highlight the importance of understanding this area of the mouth. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) allows for movement of the jaw, acting as a hinge. On each side of the head the jawbone is connected to the skull, in the form of
candy on halloween
Candy is something we all love, especially during Halloween. While enjoying these goodies can be a blast, your teeth may feel otherwise. It is okay to trick or treat, but it is essential to be aware of the impact these snacks have on your oral health. Taking a day to binge on the sweets is
foods to avoid

Foods to Avoid For Healthy Gums

Everyone loves to enjoy tasty foods, but it is vital to know which ones to avoid to protect your gums. Periodontal disease in its early stages, also known as gingivitis, attacks the gums resulting in them becoming inflamed. This occurs when bacteria from plaque gets in between the teeth and gums. Infection from the bacteria
woman finding a dentist

Finding A Dentist: Tips & Tricks

Finding a new dentist can be a tricky process. You may be relocating and are in search of a new provider, unsatisfied with your current provider, or receiving care for the first time. It is important to have a dentist that you can rely on to give you the best oral care treatment possible. Make
pregnancy patient and dentist

Pregnancy and Dental Care

Dental care is always important, including during pregnancy. While this is a time where doctor’s visits and other appointments are a top priority for an expecting mother, visiting the dentist is still necessary. It is safe to get a checkup while pregnant, allowing you to continue being at your best oral health. Treatments like fillings
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